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D&V Electronics grew out of a desire to improve the product quality in the starter and alternator remanufacturing industry.  This desire was, and will continue to be addressed through the successful implementation of the science of performance measurement on electro-mechanical equipment and systems. 

The technical and engineering teams at D&V possess a solid foundation in the operation, development and testing of automotive and mobile equipment starters, alternators, solenoids and other emerging technologies like electric vehicle battery systems and motors.  This technology is now employed globally, and has allowed remanufacturers to know with certainty that their finished products meet or exceed the OE standards. 

As technology continues to evolve, we are developing testers that are capable of testing new parameters for start/stop, Change of Mind, ISG and BSG motors, including 48 Volt products.

D&V develops technologies and innovations for the ever changing technology of our clients’ products and assemblies.   One key focus of D&V is ensuring our clients obtain critical test values that provide newer and better analysis of their products.   Utilizing our tester technology, Tier One clients around the world such as Remy, Bosch, Valeo, Denso and Mitsubishi have been able to exceed expectations placed on them by the global automotive manufacturing community.  We are proud of the fact that D&V technology is installed in over 60 countries and counting!

As the automotive landscape continues to evolve, we continue to seek new beneficial ideas and concepts.  We actively support and work with Academia, and the R&D laboratories of our clients, by sharing our ideas with theirs.  Can it be better?’ is a question that we ask continuously.