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TORONTO, September 11, 2013 -- Today, D&V Electronics launched a new video showcasing its full line of EPT Series testers which provide complete testing capabilities for e-motor, inverter and battery testing.

A knowledge based company that has continued on the cutting-edge of automotive testing technologies since 1997, D&V Electronics focuses on providing products to the marketplace which satisfy the rapidly expanding and maturing HV/EV market for end-to-end Development, Performance, Production testing equipment.

Michael Kelly, Sales and Marketing manager believes “that the promise of hybrid and electric cars, is just beginning and that D&V testing technology is helping to develop the electric motors and drives for this market worldwide.” Amid the heightened competition, D&V Electronics is at the forefront of helping improve e-motor and battery technologies by creating a suite of testers that test hybrid/electric vehicle motors and controllers with superior innovations in performance, accuracy and functionality.

In addition to testing equipment, D&V is funding breakthrough software and hardware research to further innovate Electric Motor transportation and actively building partnerships to foster future technologies by supplying its newly designed battery pack tester to a world-renowned Canadian university, in support of a major vehicle OEM research and development project.

For more information or to view our video visit or  For direct inquiries contact or call Toll-Free in North America 1-888-979-1919.