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  • D&V Electronics is pleased to announce the release of an adapter for testing alternators with a BSS style COM Terminal Control
  • Vehicles with this type of alternator use digital communication to send commands to control the alternator
  • The alternator can also send messages to the engine's computer that report alternator status
  • The device is fully compatible with D&V Alternator and Regulator Testers including the ALT, VRT and JBT Series testers

  • Has male and female 12 pin harness compatible with D&V testers & test plugs
  • Program the alternator profile with a Lamp and C terminal
  • Seven Segment LED for communication status & messages from alternator
  • Voltage Set Point command from the adapter to the alternator will control the Voltage Set Point

  • Two new plugs are available
  • Plugs are required for the COM Adapter
  • The following items can be ordered for shipment beginning in October 2009
  • Order D&V Part Number: 802-2003 for Plug 063 with COM Terminal, see picture below:
  • Order D&V Part Number : 802-2002 for Plug 078 with COM and DFM Terminals, see picture below: