Alternator Testers

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  • The ALT-186 is designed to Fully automated precise testing for high volume applications at the touch of a button
  • Measures over 100 different alternator parameters
  • User configurable Pass and Fail printed reports and labels via MS Excel based report generator for virtually unlimited flexibility, includes performance curve, oscilloscope pattern, test results and much more
  • Simple and easy to create and edit test profiles via D&V's custom parameter technology
  • Checks all types of alternator and voltage regulator terminals and functions such as computer control, soft start delay, soft start protection, feedback, under/over voltage indication, PCM control, load response control, tachometer frequency and more
  • Simulates all signals to the alternator including on-board computer functions
  • Measures turn on speed, ripple current, stator balance, pulley size, input power, voltage regulator instability, stator voltage, reverse diode leakage, can test rectifier voltage drop, regulator saturation voltage, and (optional) torque & efficiency
  • 20HP (optional 15 to 40HP) controlled variable speed motor with high reliability motor drive system
  • Test time from 20 to 60 seconds or longer if required
  • User programmable test procedures via script engine
  • Measures full output performance curve in 10 seconds
  • Computer controlled 360 Amp (optional up to 700 Amp) load bank 6 - 42 Volt with constant current or constant voltage modes
  • Endurance test mode for component validation
  • Test result statistics can be recorded for SPC or analysis
  • Temperature compensation for all test results
  • Includes universal harness and regulator test plugs for popular applications
  • Built-in calibration, automatic diagnostic, manual, and detailed report test modes
  • Built in battery simulator 6-42V for consistent test conditions
  • Optional automatic connection fixtures
  • Optional sound and vibration analysis package based on the order analysis technique
  • Optional vacuum measuring system for alternators with vacuum pump
  • Available in four different mechanical configurations
  • Optional high alternator speed system available (12,000 to 20,000 RPM)
  • Optional automatic connections to alternator


Technical Specifications

  • Stator Voltage 0-50 Volts
  • Output Current 0-300 (or optional 700) Amps
  • Field Current 0-10 Amps
  • Alternator Speed 0-12000 RPM
  • Feedback Voltage 0-50V (0-100% PWM)
  • Output Power 0-5000 W
  • Memory for 4000 part number profiles
  • Alternator Temperature 25-200 °C (optional)