Alternator Testers

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ALT-262The ALT-262 tester is used in an end of line production environment to ensure that alternators meet all design specifications before they are ready to be shipped and used by the end customer. The measuring platform is capable of inspecting alternators with Remote Voltage Control (RVC) and non RVC regulators, including all standard voltage regulator terminals and functions.

The tester includes all the necessary building blocks required to reliably test and validate alternators in a convenient single automated unit. The tester can easily be integrated with a variety of conveyor systems that would automate material handling. The tester includes a battery simulator with integrated circuit protection, a variable speed motor drive system that is directly coupled to the alternator as well as an electronic load bank. The tester simulates all signals to the alternator including on-board computer functions.

Technical Specifications

  • Stator Voltage 0-50 Volts
  • Output Current 0-300 Amps
  • Field Current 0-10 Amps
  • Alternator Speed 0-10,000 RPM
  • Feedback Voltage 0-50V (0-100% PWM)
  • Output Power 0-10kW
  • Memory for 4000 part number profiles