Alternator Testers

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  • Fully automated precise testing for especially for large frame high output applications for transit, bus and coach applications
  • Available with preheated oil circulating system for cooling and lubrication
  • Available pressurized air system to check seal integrity
  • Direct Drive via rotor shaft, test alternators with pulley or save time by testing without installing a test pulley or via belt drive system for small frame alternators
  • Measures over 100 different alternator parameters
  • User configurable Pass and Fail printed reports and labels through a PC and the ALT Report program for virtually unlimited flexibility, or directly to a printer interface from the tester, both can include performance curve, oscilloscope pattern, and test results
  • Learning Mode records sample test results for easy setup of test specifications in just minutes
  • Checks all alternator and voltage regulator terminals and functions such as computer control, soft start delay, feedback, under/over voltage indication, PCM control, load response control, tachometer frequency
  • Simulates all signals to the alternator including on-board computer functions
  • Measures turn on speed, ripple current, pulley size, input power, voltage regulator instability, stator voltage, reverse diode leakage, can test rectifier voltage drop, regulator saturation voltage, and torque and efficiency (optional)
  • Up to 50HP computer controlled variable speed motor with high reliability Hitachi motor drive
  • User configurable test procedures with test time from 10 seconds to 15 minutes or longer
  • Measures full output performance curve in 15 seconds
  • Large LCD screen for viewing test results, performance curves, and manual mode operation
  • Computer controlled up to 750 Amp load bank 6 - 42 Volt with resolution of 0.1V @ 12V
  • Separate enclosure to isolate electronic components from heat and vibration
  • Test result statistics are recorded for SPC or analysis Endurance test mode for component validation
  • Test spec database editor for windows
  • Includes universal harness and regulator test plugs for popular applications
  • Built-in calibration, automatic diagnostic, manual, and detailed report test modes
  • Available in many working voltages (220 to 480V at 50/60 Hz)


Technical Specifications

  • Output voltage: 0-50 ± 0.15%
  • Stator voltage: 0-50 ± 0.15%
  • Output current: up to 750A ± 0.15%
  • Field current: 0-12A ± 1%
  • Alternator speed: 0-6000 RPM ±1%
  • Alternator leakage: 0-100 mA ± 1%
  • Feedback voltage: 0-50V (0-100% PWM) ± 0.15%
  • Output power: 0-20000W ± 0.3%
  • Memory for unlimited quantity of part number profiles
  • Alternator temperature: 25-200 °C 1% (optional)