Diode & Rectifier Testers

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CDT Series - Diode and Rectifier Testers: CDT-200The CDT-200 is a heavy duty, medium volume, extremely accurate tester of automotive rectifiers and diodes. It is designed to provide the remanufacturer with a quick, accurate and easy to use test of all critical parameters associated with standard and avalanche rectifiers. The rigid industrial design and PC based user interface, make the CDT-200 a breeze to use. Extreme accuracy is achieved by real time filtering and digital processing. The tester can measure leakage as low as 10 nano-Amps. Real life conditions are simulated to maximize diagnostic capabilities. Additionally, analysis of the rectifiers thermal resistance can be performed to detect poor internal diode connections and related defects. Standard diode performance tests can be performed in as little as 3 seconds for a complete rectifier. The test system can also verify the capacitors which are built into many rectifiers.

The machine has programmable test profiles which include machine setup with operating instructions. It can also display pictures of the rectifier indicating faulty diode locations. The test system also features a setup mode to configure the test conditions, tooling, and limits. Test results generated by faulty diodes will indicate their location referenced to an image of the rectifier for easy operator recognition. The CDT-200 tests the connections before the actual cycle begins. This eliminates the possibility of false test results. Faulty connections are also indicated with a graphical display for easy troubleshooting. Pass and Fail status is clearly displayed upon completion of the test cycle.

Measured Parameters

  • Break-over Voltage programmable up to 500 Volts
  • Break-down Test Current 0 - 100 µA
  • Leakage Current 0 - 20 µA, (1 nano-Amp resolution)
  • Leakage current measured at programmable voltage up to 500V
  • Diode Voltage Drop 0 - 2.5 Volts
  • Measures Thermal & Dynamic Resistance
  • Programmable load current up to 150 Amps continuous
  • Reverse leakage noise analysis