Early Generation Products

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VRT-325 Voltage Regulator TesterThe VRT-325 is a highly sophisticated voltage regulator tester, able to execute several testing tasks. The flexibility of the VRT-325 makes this measuring device suitable for  production testing, warranty analysis, sorting jobs, endurance studies and much more.


  • Measure voltage regulators in manual mode under operator control. The operator can review and study all major voltage regulator characteristics research regulator capabilities and functionality.
  • Test the unit in automatic mode and make a decision if the regulator is good or bad based on predefined limits. In doing this, the tester can execute different testing sequences, providing the end user with the ability to select the best speed/accuracy combination for his application.
  • ­The tester can execute predefined procedures identifying specific regulator characteristics (signature).
  • ­Execute stress test of the regulator and studying the effect of the high current on the regulator performance and parameters.

VRT-325 Voltage Regulator Tester