EV/HEV E-Motor, Inverter, ISG/BSG & Battery Solutions

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The EPT Series of testers are developed as open, modular solutions that provide complete product testing platforms.  As a leader in the automotive testing industry, D&V seamlessly integrates our world-leading technologies in data measurement and analytics with bespoke dynometric powertrains.  The results are:  accurate and precise readings and calculations that allow our clients to thoroughly explore and define their products’ performance, reliability, durability and safety.

  • Software
  • Data Acquisition & Measurement
  • Power & Speed
  • Battery Simulator & Power Supply
  • Environmental
  • Automation


D&V tester software provides a user-friendly and configurable user interface (GUI) and a functional back-end of the test system.  The GUI allows users to create custom displays from a rich set of visualizations including scopes, plots, formula editing and status monitoring.  Testing scripts (via visual flowchart or text-based with Intellisense) allow flexibility in creating configurable test profiles.  Scripts, reports, and GUI visualizations can be combined into Studies that can be stored for future testing.  Users have complete access to all measured raw data and calculated values for complete plotting flexibility via D&V’s plot engine and tool set.  Drag and drop profile generation and vehicle simulation tools add to the user’s ability to re-create real-world demands in a test bench environment.

EPT Software

Data Acquisition & Measurement

Extremely fast data acquisition and data processing technologies allow for signals such as voltage, current, torque, power, efficiency, resolver feedback, rotor position and analog signals to all be captured and synchronized.  This allows the viewing of instantaneous dynamic performance of measured signals, calculated values and references, all at the same synchronized clock speed.

Power & Speed

The EPT Series dynometric powertrains are designed and selected from around the world to exceed customers' specific testing needs and include modularity and flexibility.  Our systems have accommodated traction motor speeds exceeding 25,000 rpm, torque levels to over 1300Nm, and BSG / ISG acceleration requirements up to 5,000 rad/s2.

BST-240 (Rear)Battery Simulator & Power Supply

D&V’s proprietary Programmable Battery Simulator and Power Supply systems provide wide ranging voltage and current outputs, programmable internal resistances, extremely fast switching and unparalleled stability.  Operation is permitted in either stand-alone mode or integrated system mode.  In either mode, D&V’s operation control, monitoring and measurement allows for complete end-user control, and safe system operation.


Optional environmental testing capabilities allows the EPT and BST Series of testers to replicate a full range of climatic conditions with thermal chambers that include humidity, liquid nitrogen cooling, oil & water/glycol conditioning systems.  D&V’s sound and vibration software for production, durability and performance systems includes new state of the art automatic fault detection and diagnosis techniques that remove the reliance on humans for problem detection.


D&V has developed multiple part load/unload and electrical connection systems for motor and inverter testing solutions, specifically suited for the client’s volume production requirements.  Rapid, precise test results are combined with labeling systems, pin stamp and reject bin options.