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Electric Powertrain Testers: EPT-120 Durability TesterThe EPT-120 is developed specifically for e-motor durability and runs long-term drive cycles to prove out product design, component integrity and build quality. There are ancillary modules that support endurance testing which are optional and generally supplied with an EPT-120 system. These include thermal chambers and coolant conditioning systems.

The purpose of the thermal chamber is to cycle the device under test e-motor with temperature and humidity changes throughout its testing period. During the lengthy test, the EPT-120 data acquisition system is able to measure and record all necessary data for test article evaluation.


  • Energy regeneration
  • Complete performance curve results
  • Flexible measuring condition definitions
  • Manual and programmable testing
  • Customizable report design via Excel templates
  • Calibration utility for easy machine calibration
  • High resolution temperature measuring system