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Electric Powertrain Testers: EPT-135 Start-Stop Durability TesterD&V Electronics is at the forefront of hybrid / electric vehicle motor testing, combining proven reliability with performance, accuracy, versatility and modularity. D&V’s EPT series of electric powertrain testers are built for endurance, laboratory and end of line production testing including the complete vehicle simulation of motors, inverters and batteries.

The EPT-135 test bench is catered to be the best model for reliability testing. With two device testing bays it can run a reliability test on two starter-generators simultaneously to increase testing productivity. With the ability to run programmable endurance test profiles, operators can refine parameters and testing conditions to isolate factors that affect device reliability. The D&V Electronics EPT software records all testing information to PC via USB and has been specifically designed not to lose test measurements. Reliability tests can run for days and operators can rest assured that all information will be gathered.