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Electric Powertrain Testers: EPT-150 Performance & Laboratory TesterD&V Electronics demonstrates their highly innovative technologies in their newest line of power- train testing products. The EPT line of testers as well as the D&V BST systems features full testing capabilities for e-motor inverter and battery testing. Each group of testers has been designed to support and enhance the capabilities for various applications such as development, validation and end of line processes. D&V has been supporting the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle markets all over the world with EPT products since 2006.

The EPT-150 is designed to be a high-accuracy development platform for the e-motor, inverter and battery pack testing. The main vehicle driveline can largely be tested on the EPT-150 due to its highly modular capabilities and functional characteristics. For instance, inverters can be tested with proven motors powered by a D&V Battery Simulator or optionally with a proprietary battery pack.

With an EPT-150, D&V customers are poised to continue to grow and better their products with quality and reliable testing because of the fidelity measurement equipment built with the testers. Simulation features, vehicle network control and e-motor controller calibration options are all available to be included with the system to provide a full testing suite and facilitating better component design.