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Electric Powertrain Testers: EPT-125 Prototype TesterD&V Electronics demonstrates highly innovative technologies in the newest line of power-train testing products. The EPT line of testers as well as the D&V BST systems features full testing capabilities for e-motor inverter and battery testing. Each group of testers has been designed to support and enhance the capabilities for various applications such as development, validation and end of line processes. D&V has been supporting the Electric and Hybrid Vehicle markets all over the world with EPT products for the past 6 years.

The EPT-125 is optimized for prototype testing and is tuned to include sound and vibration measurements to improve and verify new e-motor designs. A new breed of integrated starter generators is being developed with the help of the EPT-125 prototype tester.
The EPT-125 is also set up to test belted units with a pneumatic belt tensioning system. Versatility is the focus of this tester to satisfy a wide range of requirements needed to improve designs and push the limits of motor technology.