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EMT Series - Small Electric Motor Tester: EMT-150EMT Series - Small Electric Motor Tester: EMT-150

The EMT-150 is small electric motor tester based on the success of the industry leading EPT series of Electric Powertrain Testers.  The EMT-150 benefits from an extensive set of common PC based software tools available through a highly functional user interface.  This means the EMT-150 can be easily configured for Laboratory testing, durability testing, environmental testing and end of line production testing.  It is an ideal tester for motor applications that require fast, accurate and reliable measurements.

The EMT platform was designed to be modular, easy to move and easy to modify, you can quickly r

econfigure it to accommodate your changing testing requirements.  Flexibility is a key feature that will allow you to test a variety of motor types and sizes ensuring that you get the most for your test equipment investment.  This makes the EMT-150 a versatile and cost effective test bench for all your motor development needs.


  • Development, Durability and Production testing
  • Versatile testing of different motor types and sizes
  • Fast and real-time measurements of all parameters
  • Easy to use and customizable GUI with access control


The EMT-150 was specifically designed to meet the need for testing an increasing number of motors and mechatronic systems in today’s automobiles. The versatility of the EMT makes it also suitable for testing motors for any application in any industry.  


  • Electric Brake System
  • Electric water pump
  • Transmission oil pump
  • Electric Power Steering
  • Electric Regenerative Brake System

Small Traction Motors:

  • Electric assisted Bike
  • Mobility assist devices
  • Small ATVs
  • Golf Carts


DUT Power:

  • Voltage Range: 0-60Vdc
  • Current Range: 100A
  • Voltage resolution:  0.1V
  • Motor controls: Integrated or part of DUT


  • Torque Range: 10 Nm continuous, 53Nm peak
  • Power Range: 9kW continuous, 18kW peak
  • Speed: 8000rpm Direct Drive
  • Upgradable in field


  • Torque: 0-10Nm
  • Current: 0-100A
  • Voltage: 0-60Vrms
  • Kelvin Probes for Voltage Measurements


  • Integrated environmental chamber
  • Onsite training
  • Custom motor mounting tooling
  • Engineering services


  • Software common with larger EPT systems
  • Manual, Automatic and Diagnostic mode
  • Script driven test routines
  • Scope View
  • Export to Excel
  • Circular and stripe chart view
  • High speed data recording
  • Fully configurable I/O