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RGBSP-20 - Bi-Directional Power Supply and Battery SimulatorD&V’s RGBSP Battery Simulator builds on our 20 year history of developing power supplies.  Available in 150kW rated modules, these units can be combined to double or even triple the rated power capacity.  Output voltage range is 48 to 1000Vdc nomimal.  The units include a variety of protection and control features, such as emergency stop, self-diagnostic monitoring and fault protections.  The RGBSP units are suitable for use with test cell controller systems and can be controlled and monitored by multiple communications protocols.

Multiple levels of software and hardware safeguards in the RGBSP provide shutdown sequencing and power switching capabilities that will protect the RGBSP as well as downstream devices.  The RGBSP design is such that it provides enhanced short circuit protection, galvanic isolation and a degree of harmonics mitigation.


  • All-in-One programmable regenerative battery simulator
  • 48-1000V operating output range for powering a diverse range of equipment
  • Line regenerative supply allows for bi-directional testing
  • Flexible feed – either DC recuperative or AC line regenerative – that permits standalone operation or as part of an e-Motor dynamometer test system
  • Compact foot print and high power density that allows for efficient test space usage


Parameter RGBSP-20
Output Power 150 kW per module
Maximum Output Current +-460A
Input Voltage 3 phase 380-480VAC +-10%
Voltage Ripple   0.2V Pk to Pk at 50V under resistive load
0.5V Pk to Pk above 300V under resistive load
Response Time @50V 5%-95% under load <5ms
@300V 5%-95% under load <15ms
@600V 5%-95% under load <50ms

Exterior Dimensions


800 x 1200 x 2040 cm

315 x 472.4 x 803.2 in.