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For hybrid vehicle motor - generator resolver - positioning system development and laboratory testing.

  • Simulation and Measurements Modes
  • In Simulation Mode the RS02 accepts the external resolver excitation voltage and generates the sine and cosine output voltages to simulate rotation at given speed or stop position at a given angle, it also simulates a preprogrammed transformation ratio. In this mode two sets of additional outputs are available. For standard encoder A, B, Z and for three phase position sensor U, V and W
  • In Measurement Mode the RS02 has 3 differential voltage inputs. It measures the sine, cosine, excitation voltages and the excitation frequency. The value of the transformation ratio is calculated. Angular position is also measured. Operates with external or internal excitation sources. The voltage and frequency of the internal excitation source is programmable
  • Programmable operation via embedded controls, PC with USB or Ethernet connection and the MTC Program


Input Output & Measuring Capabilities
Range 0.05 - 5 V RMS
Max common mode offset 10 V dc
Frequency range 1 - 25 kHz
Accuracy 0.3% + 0.005 V RMS Offset
Input resistance >20 kOhm

One Differential Input Excitation Voltage
Range 0.1 - 10 V RMS
Max common mode offset 10 V dc
Frequency range 1 - 25 kHz
Accuracy 0.3% + 0.01 V RMS Offset
Input resistance >20 kOhm

Excitation Frequency Measurement
Range 1 - 25 kHz
Accuracy <0.01%

Transformation Ratio Measurement
Range 0 - 1
Accuracy <0.5%

Internal Excitation Source
Max output voltage 10 V RMS
Min output voltage 1 V RMS
Max output current 100 mA RMS
Accuracy same as excitation measurement

Internal Excitation Frequency
Range 5 - 25 kHz
Accuracy <0.1%
Transformer isolated floating output up to10 V

Simulated Sine and Cosine Outputs
Max output voltage 5V RMS
Max output current 100 mA RMS
Simulated transformation ratio 0 - 0.6
Output impedance Position accuracy +/- 0.4 deg
Speed resolution < 0.6RPM (0.01Hz )
Speed range +/- 120,000 RPM (2000Hz)
Speed accuracy < Speed resolution + 0.01% speed
Transformer isolated floating outputs

Simulated Encoder
3.3 V differential interface
Simulated 1024 line encoder

Simulated Three Phase Position Sensor
U,V and W signals
3.3 V differential interface