Solenoid Testers

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Production and Laboratory Testing

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The SST-160G2 is a fully automatic End-of-Line production tester for all types of solenoids.  Flexible connectivity allow the SST-160G2 to be also used in a development or laboratory environment.  Designed to measure and check all critical solenoid parameters in order to detect weak or imbalanced coils, defective springs, assembly errors, and mechanical restrictions.  The SST-160G2 provides excellent diagnostic capabilities, superb measurement accuracy, testing routine configurability and comprehensive reporting including force / position curves.  The tester is available in “Standard” and “Heavy Duty” versions.

  • New generation solenoid tester with improved speed, accuracy and measuring capabilities
  • Patent pending measuring methods allowing cycle time under 10 seconds
  • Two-times increased productivity compared to previous generation tester
  • Ready for Standard, Single Coil, Tandem, Electronic and CoM Solenoids


  • New generation solenoid tester with improved speed, accuracy and measuring capabilities
  • Capable of testing Conventional (standard solenoids with pull and hold coils), Single Coil with Diode Test and Tandem Solenoid SW1 / SW2 used in CoM applications
  • Able to test External MAG Switch Relays (requires additional adapter kit)
  • Able to test IMS Solenoids (Internal Magnetic Switch) with Heavy Duty version.
  • Utilizes new measuring methods allowing fast test times as low as 9 seconds, with a typical cycle time of 14 seconds
  • Twice the product throughput in comparison to the previous generation SST-160 tester
  • User configurable Pass/Fail reports and labels, including force/position plots and spring preload measurements
  • Includes a Status Viewer to provide quick troubleshooting assistance to any problems arising with the tester
  • Built in Open Kelvin Self-Test (verifies voltage sensing connections)
  • External temperature sensor for programmable temperature compensation
  • Parameters are measured with user-customizable test conditions
  • Precise control and measurement of plunger position via servo driven linear slide
  • Pneumatically operated solenoid clamping fixture
  • Secure connection to the solenoid via universal manual connections or with quick change automatic connection tooling fixture


  • Software platform that allows test results to be remotely retrieved/stored in cloud network storage
  • Safety light curtain system
  • Infrared solenoid temperature measurement system
  • External MAG Switch Relay Test Fixture.


Pull Force Plot

SST-160G2 Pull Force Plot

Technical Data

Parameters Standard Duty Heavy Duty
Solenoid Coil Current 0 – 120A (240A Option) 0 – 480A
Solenoid Voltage 0 – 24V (48V Option) 0 – 48V
BOR Distance 0 – 10 mm 0 – 10 mm
Solenoid Force 0 – 90 kg 0 – 180 kg
Coil Resistance 0 – 10 Ohms 0 – 10 Ohms
Contact Voltage Drop 0 – 2.5V 0 – 2.5V