Solenoid Testers

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New Generation Fully-automatic In-line Solenoid Tester


SST-162 Solenoid TesterThe SST-162 is new generation solenoid tester with advanced measuring capabilities. It is designed as a fully automatic in-line solenoid tester for production testing for all types of solenoids. With a Fast measuring time between 8 to 10 seconds, it precisely measures and checks all critical solenoid parameters to detect weak or imbalanced coils, defective springs, assembly errors, and mechanical restrictions.



  • New generation fully automatic in-line solenoid tester with advanced measuring capabilities
  • Ready for standard, single coil, tandem, electronic and CoM solenoids
  • Patent pending measuring methods allow fast measuring time between 8 to 10 seconds and a typical cycle time 12 to 15 seconds
  • Automatic pass or fail handling mechanism
  • Complete poke-yoke for all tooling including plunger and contact system
  • Smart installation procedure and improved diagnostic mode
  • Two-times increased productivity compared to previous generation tester
  • Programmable reports with force/position plots
  • Touch-screen based DVLink interface allows test specifications results to be remotely retrieved/stored in cloud network storage
  • Built-in visual diagnostic troubleshooting interface
  • Increased reliability by utilizing electronic switching modules
  • High-resolution linear servo system for solenoid performance testing
  • External temperature sensor for programmable temperature compensation
  • Precise control and measurement of plunger position
  • User configurable Pass and Fail reports and labels with graphical plot of plunger movement, spring force and contact voltage drop
  • Quick disconnect contact system with AMPHENOL® heavy-duty connectors
  • Secure connection to the solenoid via universal contact system or with quick change fixture
  • Optional infrared solenoid temperature measurement


Typical Measured Parameters

  • Pull-In & Hold-In Coil Resistance
  • Pull-In & Hold-In Current at Programmable Voltage
  • Pull-In & Hold-In Force at Programmable Voltage
  • Solenoid Magnetic Balance
  • BOR, Burn Off Reserve (Over travel)
  • Plunger Maximum Position and Force
  • Force/Position Curve
  • Contact Voltage Drop at High Current
  • R Terminal Output Test
  • Pull-In & Hold-In Voltage
  • Springs Compression Forces and Spring Force/Position Curve
  • Optional Gripper for Solenoid Plunger