Starter Testers

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ST-120 - Starter TesterThe ST-120 is a high speed, accurate, robust starter motor tester. This touch screen PC based machine is designed to achieve a high production rate with minimal tooling change over for End-of-Line production testing. The ST-120 is available in ‘Standard’ and ‘Heavy Duty’ versions.

  • Start-Stop and Change-of-Mind testing capabilities
  • Flexible operation with automatic/manual connection tooling for a wide range of starters
  • High Efficiency testing with industry leading cycle time and fast load/unload
  • Precision product diagnostics with state of the art data acquisition and processing


  • Measures more than 40 different starter parameters including performance curve, free run current and speed, solenoid current, contact voltage drop, "R" terminal function, coast down time, magnetic seal, pull-in & hold-in voltage/current, solenoid pull-in and release time for comprehensive production testing.
  • Set load test conditions by speed, torque or current at fixed voltage or predefined battery for testing versatility.
  • Industry leading technology with advanced diagnostic, high accuracy performance, free run speed, solenoid block, pinion movement (optional) and coast down (stop) tests.
  • Tests starter, solenoid, drive, and pinion engage, disengage timing and optional pinion movement/retract test that can reveal faulty components or assembly errors.
  • Solenoid "aging" function to seat the solenoid contacts.
  • Performance test by step or sweep method with inertia compensation.
  • Complete performance plot for less than 6 seconds reducing temperature related result variations and increased accuracy and consistency of results.
  • Built in thermal compensation with optional part temperature infrared sensor.
  • Built-in digital oscilloscope and precise waveform analysis to diagnose armature, commutator and brush problems.
  • Scripting of test procedure provides complete control of test process.
  • Optional sound and vibration analysis packages with order tracking and optional unsupervised automatic learning mode.
  • ser configurable Pass and Fail labels and reports with performance curve plotting torque, power, speed, and voltage.
  • Flexible Tooling with:
    • Quick axial gear adjustment
    • Adaptable contact head tooling
    • Free run, block and pinion setup with no user input axial adjustments
    • Quick release DUT tooling rings
  • Designed from the ground up with operator health and safety in mind. The DUT loading point is close to the operator providing improved ergonomics with less lifting and movement.
  • On screen, step by step user configurable installation and setup instructions for error-free operation and minimal training.
  • The extra wide operator guard opening allows for full and easy access for the operator to load the DUT.
  • Maximum efficiencies are maintained by the automatic starting of the test when the door is closed and after the test, the guard door is automatically opened. Operator timeout feature available.
  • Effective material management. Programmable reject bin input, reject acknowledgement, marking device output, pass/fail labels and report generation.
  • Tooling recognition by bar-coded components and hand held scanner eliminates setup errors.
  • Computer controlled programmable 1500 Amp starter power (3000 Amp for ST-120HD), simulating 200 - 2000 CCA battery (0 - 30 milliohms).
  • Computer controlled 120 Amp (240 Amps for ST120HD) programmable solenoid power supply.
  • Available in many operating voltages (220 to 480V at 50/60 Hz).

ST-120 Machine Status Information

ST-120 - Machine Status Information Screen

Technical Data

Parameters ST-120 ST-120HD
Starter Current Up to 1500A Up to 3000A
Starter Voltage

12 & 24 V

(32V Optional)

12 & 24 V

(32, 48, 64V Optional)

Starter Speed

(Free Run)

0-20,000RPM 0-20,000RPM

Starter Torque

(Gear size dependent)

Up to 100 Nm Up to 200 Nm
Solenoid Current Up to 120A (1.2 kW) Up to 240A (2.4 kW)
Contact Voltage Drop 0-5 Volts 0-5 Volts
Starter Efficiency 0-100% 0-100%
Starter Output Power Up to 5 kW Up to 10 kW