Starter Testers

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ST Series - Starter Testers: ST-24The ST-24 is designed to provide a fast accurate and detailed tests of a starter. The machine checks the starter simulating real working conditions of the vehicle. For an accurate starter test the ST-24 analyses the device timing. This way the machine can detect solenoid, drive and spring problems. During the test, the ST-24 recognizes automatically the starter rotation direction and applies a programmable load. The mechanical energy produced from the starter is returned back to the power supply to reduce power consumption.The performance curve is scanned in at a set of programmable points.

The ST-24 can scan a full performance curve on the starter in less than 10 seconds which increases the accuracy and decreases result variation caused by temperature. The tester has built in separate power supplies for the starter and for the solenoid. This way the solenoid functions can be tested at a programmable reduced voltage during the test. Solenoid voltage drop is monitored during the "all test" procedure to ensure the contact system is working reliably. The tester provides a precise waveform analysis for accurate armature and commutator diagnostics. The output ripple can be monitored on the built in oscilloscope with automatic adjustments. After the test the results are checked to preset limits and a programmable output report is generated. The set of starter performance curves is displayed on the screen. The machine can control up to two printers generating different programmable reports with performance curves and scope patterns. Bar codes and serial numbers can also be automatically generated.


  • Starter current 0-3000 Amps (ST-24 model, Dual Power-Supply) /
    Starter current 0-1500 Amps (ST-24S model, Single Power-Supply)
  • Starter voltage 0-40 Volts
  • Starter speed 0-20,000 RPM
  • Starter torque 0-120 Nm
  • Solenoid current 0-150 Amps
  • Contact voltage drop 0-2.5 Volts
  • Starter efficiency 0-100%
  • Starter output power 0-10 kW
  • Starter input power 0-50 kW