Starter Testers

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ST Series - Starter Testers: ST-6The ST-6 is versatile and comprehensive starter motor, solenoid and pinion clutch tester.


  • Optimized for testing automotive starters 
  • Computer controlled programmable starter power supply for testing 12V and 24V starters, 1200 Amp peak current for 12V rated starters, less than 100mV ripple, battery resistance (0 – 30 )
  • Computer controlled 12V and 24V, 300 Amp programmable solenoid power supply
  • Effective for testing single starters or small batches
  • Tests starter, solenoid, drive, and spring engage and disengage timing, this can reveal faulty components, malfunctioning linkage or assembly errors
  • Built-in oscilloscope with precise waveform analysis which can detect armature and commutator problems
  • Customizable test report capability for documenting test status and results
  • Solenoid pull-in can be tested at a programmable reduced voltage during the test to insure operation under worst case conditions
  • Computer controlled programmable load with stall test function
  • Operates from 110 or 220V 50/60 Hz single phase (three phase power is not required)
  • Statistical test data logging
  • Unique Universal starter mounting system, reduces the requirement for costly tooling