Voltage Regulator Testers

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VRT Series - Voltage Regulator Testers: VRT-10VRT-10 is a microprocessor based voltage regulator tester. The unit can automatically test with PASS & FAIL indication all types solid state voltage regulators 12 - 42 Volts. For precise regulator testing, the altenator's internal signals and the vehicles input and output signals are fully simulated and measured. For high speed testing, the VRT-10 has an optional pneumatically operated connection fixture. The tester can verify assorted special functions on the regulator, such as SSD, LRC,computer controls etc.

The VRT-10 can simulate energizing of the alternator for TOS comparison. The operation of the alternator and regulator is completely digitally simulated and controlled. The tester has a built-in short circuit protection. During the test, measured results and diagnostic messages are displayed. The Sort function is a powerful time saving tool indicating what regulator is it and is it good?

Technical Specifications

  • Regulator rated voltage 12, 24, 32, 42 Volts
  • Measures more than 150 Parameters
  • Interface to PC for statistical reports and performance reports
  • Possibility to control external marking device or sorting valve
  • Power supply 120/220V AC, 350V
  • Up to 12 Amps load test