Voltage Regulator Testers

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VRT Series - Voltage Regulator Testers: VRT-315The VRT-315 uses the most up to date technology for testing voltage regulators. Easily view the stability and speed response to changes in voltage, as well as other valuable measurements with the latest voltage regulator testing equipment. A distinguishing characteristic of the VRT-315 is the ability, of the tester, to provide a stress test of the regulator.

One of the main targets when creating the VRT-315 was to provide an easy path for future upgrades and implementation of custom requirements. Voltage regulators functionality changes very dynamically and these abilities are critical for the easy expansion of the equipment, and providing good customer support.

VRT-315 also employs a special functionality allowing the tester to sort and recognize different style regulators. The number of sort procedures is very large – the tester can store more than 200 different sorting procedures. New procedures can be added via the VRT-315 Communication program. Because the test procedure language built in the VRT-315 is very powerful, the sort procedure can perform practically any sorting task (actually the tester has built in Basic interpreter, expanded with custom commands and variables). Sorting procedures for processing similar regulators, but with different functions, terminals, specifications etc. can be easy created.